by Sipengines

A responsive mobile VoIP business solution.


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Dialpad Call


  • Communicate with team members by dialing their extension
  • Make and receive calls as if you’re in the office right from your smart phone
  • Make outbound calls using your company’s caller ID


  • DND. Set your device to Do Not Disturb so you’re not disturbed during meetings, or after business hours
  • Park/Retrieve calls
  • Easily transfer a call to another extension
BLF contacts


  • Push notifications
  • Calls will automatically ring through, even while on other calls using the native dialer of the device
  • Park calls for other users in your organization or retrieve a previously parked call

Video Conferencing

  • Video conference with teammates on Android or iPhone
  • No hardware required

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is CloudFone?
A: CloudFone is a telecommunications app which connects with your company phone and information allowing you to use your cell phone as a work phone!

Q: How do I set up CloudFone?
A: You simply log in with your company credentials (email, password, company account name) and you are all set!

Q: What features are avaibale on my CloudFone dring a call?
A: Video, SMS, record, keypad, transfer, add call, and anything else you would be able to do from your smartphone or office phone!

Q: Can I use my headset for these calls?
A: Yes!